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TriplePoint offers industry-leading compensation packages and a satisfying, flexible work environment. We are open to workers highly fluent in English anywhere in the world. Beyond competitive salaries, we offer for US citizens:

Remote Work: We pay for an adjustable desk, high quality professional chair and lighting setup, Razer gaming laptop or its equivalent, and a Meta Quest for all full time employees.

Retainer- and Performance-based Billing: Only in rare situations do we have hourly billing relationships with clients. PR professionals are freed to concentrate on doing good work, not making up numbers in billing spreadsheets.

Profit Sharing & Bonuses: We set a monthly revenue target for the firm, with incoming revenue above that target distributed as a quarterly bonus. 

Insurance: We pay 100% of the premium health, dental, vision insurance for employees and their dependents on plans with a very wide scope and low or no co-pays.

We offer company-paid health insurance for US residents via the Blue Shield of California Gold plan. California residents may select company-paid Kaiser Gold. Employees may pay for the update to the Platinum version of either plan if that fits their personal needs more effectively.

We offer dental, vision, life, and long-term disability insurance through Principal Financial.

Vacation: For staff under the account director level, we offer fifteen days per year of paid vacation.

401k Matching: We offer a dollar for dollar match in 401k contributions from payroll up to three percent of your salary, and another ½ dollar for the next two percent (Thus, at 5% of pre-tax salary we contribute 4%.) This is an individually directed account with Charles Schwab.

Expensing: We do not expect expenses to be done on your dime then refunded - all full-time staff receive a corporate Mastercards cards via Divvy. Any expense you believe is worthwhile for the firm or its clients up to $500 does not require managerial pre-approval.

Travel: We gather in Las Vegas for an annual retreat and often attend industry events including The Game Awards, GDC, Gamescom and others.

Telecommunications: Each staff member may expense up to $250/mo in phone and internet bills to the firm.

Summary & Open Positions: Whether you’re looking to begin your career or bring your experience to a leading agency, we’d love to hear from you. Select any of the available positions below to learn more.

For more senior positions involving more than seven years of professional experience, please contact us directly at

Please note that we're always looking for great candidates to join our team, but the following positions does not represent immediate availability. We encourage you to apply and engage with our team for all future considerations. 

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