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Communications PR Strategy

Communications Strategy

Issuing a press release through the wire doesn't drive real readership results. Media coverage involves a process of strategic planning, messaging, and execution. Don't just hire a "PR person", you need strategic communications counselors who can optimize your campaign.

Media Influencer Relations PR

Media Relations

With our expertise in games and breadth of client experiences, we maintain all touch points relevant to any video game-related company. We've spent two decades maintaining our reputation as expert story-builders and contacts across all media verticals. We know how journalists and influencers think, and we help align client stories with those objectives of media outlets.

Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer Marketing

We've built a platform with 30k verified creators registered, and a dashboard for our clients to collaborate. With a focus on YouTube and Twitch, organic content is a core consideration for every one of our product campaigns, which requires alignment with any existing team on the client side. Our agency also has experience executing sponsored campaigns, with past achievements cracking Twitch's top 10 in viewership and a wave of organic content. Case studies are available upon request.

public relations media analysis

Competitive Intelligence

For any client that we sign, one of the very first things we do is conduct a competitive analysis of media coverage. This may include your own coverage, similar companies and products, and those who we're aspiring to reach. Such analysis will include the writer/creator's info, messaging, themes, takeaways, and considerations for our own campaign. This is critical to ensuring a solid media list is developed for you that is relevant and targeted.

PR product corporate messaging

Messaging Development

As your strategic counselors, we bring to bear our deep experience representing companies and products of all types, and consider our clients' offering through the lens of media. With the target audiences in mind, we'll recommend messaging points that are appropriate for the planned communication. Forget massive scrolls of text that can't be remembered - we craft concise and memorable messages, ensuring that your spokespeople can communicate easily and confidently.

public relations planning

Tactical Planning

It's easy to build a plan, but it takes a strategic one to drive a successful campaign that results in good earned media. This takes into account what our media targets, including press and influencers, consider of value to their respective audiences. Not only does this involve consideration for the most interesting news beats, but also timing and access. Pre-briefs, exclusives, events, interviews and more are what our clients expect to see, and our results show for it.

media events management pr

Event Management

While the nature of events continues to change, there's one thing that remains consistent - industry events create a swell of activity that we can often ride for publicity opportunities, and independent events are a serious consideration otherwise. Depending on higher level marketing plans, we can form an events PR strategy that maximizes leverage and coverage opportunities in line with your business objectives.

public relations software

Software Investments

You won't find another agency in video games that invests in software as heavily as our agency. We incubated Roostr, a YouTube network for mobile games marketing, and solid it to Chartboost in 2016. We continue to incubate Woovit, influencer marketing software for YouTube and Twitch, which is used by hundreds of developers, publishers and agencies. We deploy various enterprise software solutions within our organization to help us streamline workflow, operate more efficiently, and scale to meet the demands of our clients.

media training

Media Training

With practice, anyone is capable of talking to press and handling the toughest of interviews. Preparation and training involves understanding the point of an interview, a reporter's objectives, defining simple key messages, bridging language, knowing your rights, and more. Our partnership will ensure that you're always prepared for interactions with press.

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